Vendor Rebate Agreement

Include the account on which the booking fee is booked. Amount – The amount of the discount is determined by the amount of money you buy (the unit price of the items multiplied by the quantity). Shows the difference between the full advance rebate and the total amount of the right to the rebate agreement (the share of the accumulated rebate that has not yet been claimed). Set the relevant parameters for credit rebates on the purchase and purchase form. Check this box if the process is to generate credit rebate requests only the discount limits with the proof of the booking. Click this button to send the vendor contract. The delivery contract must be approved before you can ship it. When you click the button, the system automatically executes the “Send Discounts – E-Mail” (VRBTDISP) multi-procance command. Place one or more command posts at one or more command posts at the same time.

To open the credit discount agreements page, select the purchase and purchase > credit rebates > discount agreements. One of the final steps in managing a successful credit rebate program is to be proactive when selling discounts to the provider. Once discounts are incurred, you can generate claims for accumulated rebates and notify supplier-related rebates and payment terms. To help suppliers pay discounts, suppliers can pay the discount with a variety of billing methods – adjustment voucher, check, credit, debit, design and electronic transfer (EFT). In the Workflow Authorization State field, the Authorized Value indicates that the agreement can be applied to orders that meet the terms of the agreement. This type of discount is based on an indicated increase in purchases for an item or category of items. For the growth bonus, the user must have the option to define the items and categories of items that are taken into account for the growth bonus, the increase or growth as a percentage of the target percentage that trigger the discount, the amount of the purchase or the amount for each item or category that will serve as the basis for determining the percentage of growth. The purchase volume of the current period is compared to these values to determine whether growth targets have been met. Check the agreement: in the action zone, click Validation, enter the name of the user who validated the agreement, and then click OK. Check all messages that describe errors in the contract data and fix bugs as needed. The discount fees generated represent future payments that the creditor can expect. Before the creditor is credited, the contract owner usually wants to verify and approve claims.

Note, however, that the status of a claim determines whether the claim is ready to go through the approval process. Optional: To add more dimensions to the Lines list so you can continue to set the discount lines, store and then click View Dimensions. Check the box next to each dimension to add to the Lines list, then click OK. Click on the Article Search link to access the Discount – Article Search page. Use this page to add multiple items to the discount agreement simultaneously. On the credit discount agreements page, you can view details of the negotiated terms and conditions of a lender agreement. Gross – The discount is calculated on the basis of the gross price of the item. Create a new type of discount and fill in the limit and fee accounts. The From value is included, while the “To” value is exclusive. For example, the “Discount” bottom-of-line field is set to the quantity, and you enter 1 in the Value-Value field and 3 in the Line Value field. In this case, the discount amount applies if you buy one or two items, but not if you buy three items. Activate this box if this discount contract can be used by all units of the company.