University Of Waterloo Faculty Association Collective Agreement

The parties support the principle of housing students with disabilities to ensure their inclusion and full participation in the university community and recognize that the legislation requires the university to provide housing for students with disabilities (Ontario Human Rights Code: Ontarians with Disabilities Act 2001). Accompanying musicians who have less than 500 hours of studio accompaniment are nominated in the coach-accompanist I category; Council Department: includes all members of the faculty`s full-time bargaining unit, members of an academic sub-unit, as voting members; The contract faculty of education covered in point 11.2.2 (e), with elected representatives acting as members with the right to vote. The minimum number of voting members is 5. If there are not enough full-time members and a faculty of teaching to properly form a department within the Board, full-time members of the department choose other full-time members in the scientific disciplines of the academic unit. If the university unit does not have a sufficient number of additional full-time members from the scientific disciplines, full-time members of the discipline or a scientific discipline from another unit or university sub-entity are appointed. Department members recommend these additional full-time members to the Dean; This recommendation is subject to the Approval of the Dean and this authorization must be addressed in writing and forwarded to the Chair of the Department. The Council department may include other representatives appointed according to faculty and departmental policy. (f) for the participation and representation of CTF members at departmental meetings at the Ministry of Economy, the department as a whole and the territories are considered academic sub-units. In areas with at least 10 full-time faculty members, CTF members elect two representatives from among their members who have the right to vote from both the territory and the Ministry of Economy; In areas with fewer than 10 full-time faculty members, CTF members elect a representative from the territory and the Department with the right to vote. The names of the elected representatives of the CTF are published on the websites of the territory and the department. Policy 76 – Faculty appointments are considered “unusual.” That may have been justified in 2011, when the policy was last updated, but we now have two and a half times as many teachers as we did then. Teachers are a critical part of Waterloo`s faculty and we need an updated policy to ensure teachers` careers and enable teachers to reach their full potential as valued members of the UW community. Presidency: A first capital letter refers to a full-time faculty bargaining unit and librarian who is a director of an academic department or sub-unit, and for the purposes of this agreement, deans associated with the Ministry of Economy are equivalent to a chair.

(a) the university maintains a 25:1 relationship between students and faculties (RDT students at the FACULTy) in accordance with point (b) of the collective agreement as amended for full-time teachers and full-time professional librarians; At 13.3, the Faculty of Music`s PTAC is composed of three representatives: the temporary chair of the Faculty of Music, which chairs the Committee (except in the circumstances described below) and two members elected by the faculty to the Full-time Faculty Council. Committee members should understand: 25.6.4 When a member is promoted to a higher category, his hourly base rate is based on the rate of the new category.