Standard Ground Handling Agreement Swissport

28 26 The main agreement and cargoes receive treatment that is no less favourable than the Handling Company`s treatment of other air carriers or their own comparable operation on the same site. 5.4 Handling Company is committed to ensuring that the authorization of specialized personnel providing services to the airline is valid and up-to-date. If, at any time, the Handling Company is unable to make authorized personnel available as requested by the carrier, the Handling Company will notify the carrier immediately. 5.5 The carrier must provide the Handling Company with sufficient information and instructions to enable the Handling Company to properly perform its service. 5.6 In the delivery of services as a whole, safety, safety, local and international regulations, applicable IATA and/or ICAO and/or other rules, regulations and procedures must be followed in order to avoid delays and damage to the airline`s aircraft and cargo and the visibility of the aircraft. 5.7 The Handling Company promptly notifies the airline representative of any loss or damage found during the handling or otherwise reported to the Handling Company, the aircraft, the crew, the passengers and cargoes of the carrier. 5.8 Contracting parties agree on quality standards for all services provided, including section 5.1 services. These quality standards for a given site may be part of the applicable Schedule B. The Handling Company is committed to taking all possible steps to ensure that contract services meet agreed quality standards. With the recent acquisitions of Unitpool (ULD management) and Checkport (Aviation Security), Swissport shows that it is remediating the idea of cross-selling. The objectives and benefits are obvious: focusing on less handling and building long-term relationships between them lead to cost savings and other important synergies.

Another advantage of single source management is the simplification of service standards, quality control, allocation procedures, billing and other administrative tasks. Swissport is convinced of this approach and more and more airlines are following the same strategy, as they appreciate the advantage of a major player like Swissport, which can also offer a one-stop shop and a dedicated key-account-man system. 27 Main Agreement 25, an organization (hereafter referred to as “supervisor”) that oversees the services of the Handling Company in the Location or Locations of Schedule B. This notice contains a description of the services to be monitored. The data protection delegate has the same power as in Sub-Article 4.1 for his own carrier representative. 4.3 This assistance, when provided by the airline`s representatives and/or control authorities, is the sole responsibility of the carrier, unless requested by the Handling Company. Article 5 Standard Of Work 5.1 The Handling Company performs all technical and air operations services as well as other services with a safety aspect, such as. B as cargo control, aircraft loading and handling of dangerous goods, in accordance with the airline`s performance, which must be confirmed in writing or electronic confirmation of the airline by the Handling Company. SGHA In the absence of instructions by the carrier, the Handling Company follows its own standard practices and procedures, provided they comply with IATA and/or ICAO and/or other applicable rules, rules and procedures. 5.2 The Handling Company performs all other services in accordance with the carrier`s procedures and instructions.

In the absence of instructions from the carrier, handling Company follows its own standard practices and procedures 5.3 The management company undertakes to take all possible measures to ensure that, with respect to contract services, the airline aircraft, crews, passengers 23 main contract 23 IATA and/or applicable ICAO and/or other international rules, rules and procedures.